Start your own blog

How to be an HBIC. A boss.

Well, kind of. More like, “How to Build Your Very Own Website”, so, samesies. We are going to break this down into very simple step by step instructions. We started our website with literally NO knowledge about how to do anything like this, none, nodda, zip, nothing.

To start with:

Determine your Online name and Content.

This was seriously the hardest part for us. We knew that we wanted a fun blog about something that we were passionate about, after months of chatting we finally determined it would be our kitchen adventures. It was the name that really tripped us! We went back and forth for a LONG time on this. But, the good news is, once you determine this, you will be able to fly through the rest of your set up.

Find a domain host.

This is the service that will provide the house for your website. It’s a magical place in the sky that your website will reside.

It’s very important that you understand the difference between paid hosting, and free hosting services.

  1. While FREE always sounds the best to us, we quickly found out that if we went with the free service we would not be able to monetize our blog. Meaning, if you choose to go the free route, your website will most likely display ads of the hosting service you choose, and you won’t be able to display ads that you choose (to make money honey).
  2. Paid hosting will cost you a bit out of pocket, but you will have complete creative control over your blog. No one can advertise on your space unless you want them to. And, if you decide to try and make some extra cash, you can place ads on your site to generate income.

We chose to use Bluehost as our hosting service. There really wasn’t a huge reason we did, it was recommended by friends and multiple blogs online, and it seemed very price competitive. You will notice that you can host your own website for under $3/mo and they offer free domain name registration, if you use their hosting service.  Check them out with this link to see their offers, or click on the image below.

Another option you can go with is Wix, they also offer both free and paid hosting services.

We found Wix to be much more user-friendly, as in you don’t need any experience at all to become a master in a very short time. Wix is all about dragging and dropping to create your website.

With no prior experience (though we did get a wonderful tutorial from a master web creator, thanks Pat!) we had a page made in 20 minutes.

If using Bluehost, next you will install WordPress

This will be the tool that you use to create the meat of your site.

Once this program is installed you will need to play around with it to get the hang of what you are doing. This was the second hardest part for us. WordPress is not for the faint of heart. This was when we were so disappointed that Wix didn’t have the recipe templates we needed. WordPress requires some knowledge of coding, or a lot of patience and playing around.

Choose a “Theme”

This is the fun part! This is like shopping for the “look” you want for your website, as in the colors, set up, fonts, and style. You can browse thousands of free themes in WordPress, or, if you’re feeling fancy you can choose a paid theme. With either option you will customize it to fit your needs. Our words of advice, pick a theme that is close to what you actually want (unless your fearless of coding). Changing the design of the site can be difficult if you have no experience with any of this (like us). We LOVE LOVE LOVE our theme and the support behind it! Check it out here, or browse other themes by these developers.

Build your empire boss man/lady!

For more really really great advice on this process visit some of the sites that helped us.

Pinch Of Yum

Jessica Gavin