About The Smith Sisters

So we thought we would do something different here since we both really dislike writing “about me” sections…we are going to write about each other. That’s just how much we trust each other!

Kate on Meghan:

Meghan is a mother of two. She has a beautiful, sensitive, strong, and gentle little girl and a fun loving, always smiling, handsome baby boy. Meghan balances being a mother, wife, photographer, cook, baker, blogger, sister, daughter, aunt, and strong independent woman with incredible precision. She is the mom that hosts her daughter’s 6th birthday party with homemade macaroons and real bone china for “tea”; but keeps it real by refusing to change out of her PJ’s for school drop off. She is the one I can call no matter what and she is just full of love and support with absolutely no judgement whatsoever. Meghan brings me down to earth, living in Southern California can sort of warp my sense of reality and she is great about putting everything in perspective. I don’t know how she balances everything so well and never complains, she is sort of superhuman I think. On top of everything she does to keep her world running  smoothly she is also a wonderful creative genius. Seriously, she is the best photographer I know, so if you live in the midwest you should look up her company “Lindberg Image” because her eye for capturing the most beautiful candid moments is surreal. Meghan loves to travel and has seen a lot of the world, we even got to spend some time in South Africa together (thanks mom and dad!). Basically she is the definition of “cool as hell” and if you have the privilege of knowing her you’re a lucky person. Oh and I guess I should mention she is Wonder woman in the kitchen!

Meghan on Kate:

Kate is wonder woman reincarnate. She somehow waltzes through life with an air of ease most people die for, including myself. She juggles being a mom, scientist, blogger, cook, best sister, daughter, and aunt with ease. She is mom to one of the most beautiful and silly girls on this planet. She always goes above and beyond for everyone in her life which is a rare quality to find now a days. Kate is one of the best party planners I know. She taught me how to throw a kids birthday party by throwing my daughter’s 3rd birthday party at her home. It was Minnie Mouse themed and I was in awe of her ability to float around the room and make sure no detail was overlooked, while making everyone feel welcomed and at home. Since Kate has moved to California I have noticed a slight change in her ability to handle real life….I mean seriously, who valet’s at the grocery store? I totally would if Meijer or Aldi had it, but that’s beside the point. I manage to bring her back down to earth, while she manages to show me that there are some fine, fine things in life. We have an ability to communicate strictly through sarcasm sometimes, which is one of my favorite things about her. Whenever I need to talk to someone about a recent RHONY episode, she’s always there to humor me. I cannot put into words my awe for her, and if you live in Southern Cali and need the most rad friend ever, she’s there. It’s the best thing ever knowing that our daughter’s will be as close and as awesome as we are. ((But they’ll never be able to surf in South Africa because I won’t let my daughter go there alone. Seriously mom and dad, what the hell were you thinking?!?)) Whenever I need some kitchen inspiration, she’s just a phone call away, and I am so excited we get to share our inspiration and passion for food with you!